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Media Handlers, a collaborative effort of independent businesses, is subsidiary of Network 125.
Media Handlers is a media control agent encompassing the full range of Internet media processes. Media Handlers understands that launching and maintaining a successful web presence requires more than a template website. Born from the Internet generation, Media Handlers is a firm providing various levels of business interactions & transactions which currently take place in the global Internet community.
Our overall objective is to increase the critical link binding visual presentations, marketing, and promotional techniques. We have successfully built and continue to build teams and establish relationships with compatible companies, venues, and organizations.

We specialize in publicity, media relations, controlled media consultations, graphic design, and video production. Our vast experience in all areas of communication is a strong foundation using traditional and non-traditional methods successfully provides and ensures constant results. Media Handlers understands that one person cannot do it all; you need a team to handle it. We provide our clients with a package of media services tailored to each client's wants and needs. The ability to grow with each client is part of Media Handlers' quality customer service. As your needs change, we can provide the added service to take you to the next step.
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Most companies, entertainment artists, authors, or service providers recognize the importance of establishing an Internet presence through a website and social media platforms. To remain competitive, video content transforms these regular sites and platforms to live and interactive sites and platforms.
Media Handlers created a new business model which levels the playing field for companies of all sizes by developing a new, urban, 21st century video/television culture for your visual message. We are committed to bringing visual information to the masses by producing everything from independent projects to corporate events. Our passion and intensity has stirred the hearts, tweaked the ears, and opened the eyes of many within our industry. With a full post production studio in Atlanta, we provide our clients with access to the best possible technology allowing us the flexibility to produce publicity campaigns, presentations, promotions, advertisements, commercials, infomercials, announcements, press conferences, live web casts, Films, music videos, movies, and sitcoms in house. MediaHandlers.com vividly created a one stop shop for any visual campaigns, broadening the horizons to the way the public receives and exchanges visual information.

Media Handlers services your local community with global viewership. Our network encourages educational activities, activists and community involvement. We have a very broad reach across a wide range of demographics on many media platforms.

Media Handlers can provide professional support in all areas of ad marketing and management to expanding the vision for your brand; we are flexible, knowledgeable and professional.

Please click on the appropriate links to access contact information or to fill out our forms in regards to publicity and/or promotions and a handler will contact you shortly.