Customizable Players: Wide, standard, and custom player ratios, WordPress video plugins, one click posting to Twitter, Facebook, & more.

SEO for Video: Your videos go from invisible to SEO magnates for those searching for content online.

Multiple platforms distribution: Digital TV, Mobile devices, & Social networks.

If the cost of video production has been your greatest obstacle in preventing you from having a visual pretension online, we’re excited to offer this option as a solution.

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Media Handlers, A Digitial Entertainment Broadcasting Company

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Advertise your business with Media Handlers. No matter what your budget, you can display your ads on Digital TV, Mobile Phones, Tablets and Social Networks. Our online advertising options can help you reach consumers while they're actively seeking entertainment content online with the option to watch videos, rate and recommend. Media Handlers ad campaign methods drive awareness, consumption and revenue by placing visual presentations effectively across multiple platforms, targeting a highly engaged consumer base with a single digital video.

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Create digital media content that delivers to different platforms which are informative and entertaining without the loss of commercial appeal in a way that no magazine, newsletter or traditional means of communication can.  As stated in the 2012 Neilson report, the number of Americans watching TV dropped by about 4 million, the online video audience grew by 3.5% from 142.4 million to 147.4 million and the mobile video audience increased 17.5% from 28.5 million. The report reveals that the internet video audience grew by roughly 4.2%. The use of digital video online enables stories to not just be told, but rather be experienced by an audience.

Launch, manage and maintain your ad campaigns with Media Handlers.

Commercial: A conveyed message typically to market and promote a wide variety of goods, services and ideas ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes.  

Value   - $99

Specialty   - $125

Premium   - $205
Value   - $255

Specialty   - $405

Premium   - $555

Infomercial: A direct response visual presentation which generally includes a phone number and website.    

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Value   - $175

Specialty   - $345

Premium   - $495
A day in the life of:   A visual produced in a true "all about you" video, taking viewers virtually into a day in the life of an entrepreneur, entertainment artists, activist, and committee organization.

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Value   - $99

Specialty   - $125

Premium   - $205
About Us: A 5 to 7 minute walk though style formatted presentation on your website, which includes imaging from the clients site with voice overs, lower thirds URL listing and other features to take action within the web site.

We have options from filming your social gatherings to public events as well as content for your website and social media page, commercials, promo videos, product demos, entertainment reel, documentaries, shorts films, training videos, music videos and broadcast & TV content.

We also provide experts in video editing, DVD/CD Duplication all in efforts to expanding the vision for any brand, businesses or services online. Whether you're just in need of a single video for your website or a series of videos for a media campaign, we are flexible, knowledgeable and professional.

An event without video is like a day without the sunshine. Event videos can transport, motivate, and increase viewership and potential revenue stream like nothing else.

This form of online advertising entails embedding visual graphic displaying information about your entity within our web site platform. An advertisement known as a "click through" Ad otherwise known as web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the World Wide Web delivered by an ad server. A strategically placed banner ad is a very cost effective and aggressive method of building brand awareness, which results in driving customers to your site making it a useful way to increase traffic.

Media handlers have simplified this process with just a flat rate of $15.00 with a commitment to installments of 3 to 6 months or an entire year of service. Plus we can also assist the client in creating their own personal and individual graphic design for an additional charge.

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The way you present your product or service is essential to its success.

Designed for enterprises and small businesses, Save the worry and the hassle, place your merchandise online and start selling today! All you will need is a commercial or promo, a landing page and of course your product.

SEO for Video is growing beyond user-generated and mash-up media websites online.

Call Us Today: 678-390-0307

Call Us Today: 678-390-0307

Get your customized quotes for our Template Websites or create your own websites. When speaking to a live agent, please have item number for the template website as a reference.

Create Your Own Channel: Based Price starting at $385

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