Media Handlers is offering a wealth of opportunities for students and others interested in a career and/or to gain an excellent way in building your resume, leadership, communication, interpersonal and organizational skills which are increasingly needed in order to forge new entrepreneurs within the future of technology. From entertainment marketing, public relation work, filming, editing, in studio to on location shoots, get hands on knowledge in the future of digital television online. 


Independent Contractors




TV remains the most popular medium for watching video content, but the number of Americans watching video on the internet and their mobile phones has grown considerably, in a 2012   Nielsen Report   . In fact while the number of Americans watching TV dipped by about 4 million from first quarter to fourth quarter in 2011 (to 284.4 million), the online video audience grew by 3.5% from 142.4 million to 147.4 million, and the mobile video audience increased 17.5% from 28.5 million.

Media Handlers Television, A Digital Entertainment Broadcasting Company. We recognize that close to 150 million people are viewing streaming content online; therefore we are providing a twist from the modern day video streaming sites delivering a platform in the television format style. This base is where content providers can display their TV shows, films, movies, webisodes,  etc. Media Handlers offers experienced professional videographers, film makers, and increasingly more You Tubers the ideal system in building a supportive viewer base for original content creators and those seeking advertisement campaigns whether large or small.  

Increasingly more and more casting opportunities are needed for online programing.  
Casting calls   is a pre-production process for selecting 'in this case' entertainment artist of all genres to complete visual productions.  

Media Handlers   "Original Programing Division"   provides the opportunity in casting for commercials, advertisements, webisodes and more for our existing and growing clientele. We are now seeking new digital database submissions.


Media Handlers innovative style of speaking media and connecting with consumers has allowed us the opportunity to implement a "Digital Business Development Department". Created for independent contractors.

We are seeking talented, enthusiastic go-getters who have the ability to develop and grow new and existing relationships with clients. Join in on the opportunity to assist a sales team"for one of the internets' most interesting marketing and advertising agencies"   to develop professional clients within social media and the multicultural visual marketing place.  


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