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Control Media Agent
A Control Media agency that is blazing a substantial trail in broadening the horizons to the way the public receives, remembers and exchanges visual information.

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Media Handlers, A Digitial Entertainment Broadcasting Company

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It matters in person. It matters in a speech. It matters while conversing, It matters most of all on television or within any video when conducting an interview or making an appearance. You only have a couple minutes to make a first impression so It matters what you say, what you wear and how you inflect.




You don’t need to be famous,
when showcasing your product, service or entertainment abilities.

We represent a wide range of small business owners, entrepreneurs, activist, nonprofit organizations, start-up companies in developing, managing and controlling their visual information.

Our agents and publicists understand that the cornerstone of any good publicity campaign is consistent communication between agents and clients.

That's why we'll set appointments late night or early in the morning if that's when a client is available for contact.

Our Agency provides image consulting and media coaching to business professionals, personalities and increasingly more of those who've been thrust into the spotlight or now in need of controlling there visual media online.
As technology shapes our future in visual information, publicity and handling visual presence becomes a necessary means of informing the public about any celebrity, entrepreneur and/or public figure’s journey within the global media’s eyes.

Media Handlers will help get you where you need to go while managing the media. Specializing in sales and marketing videos, web campaigns, commercials, press conferences to behind the scenes video presentation and promotions for Albums, Movies and Book releases.

Whether it’s securing an interview on one of our online television platforms or dealing with the production of any visuals information campaigns, to distribution of video to local, network and syndicated broadcasting companies.

Media Handlers core services for our clients are marketing and publicity. We are unique in the industry of publicity because the backbone of our agency is supported by a worldwide digital television platform. Publicity isn't just work to our team of Handlers, it is our lifestyle because our promotional system and custom service made to order are always our priority.
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With a full post production studio in Atlanta, which provides our clients from all over the world with access to the best possible technology. Allowing us the flexibility in creating compelling content online for over 10 years with media handlers progressive way of re-editing and delivering any visual presentation.  

Media Handlers also has the ability of placing clients visual presentations across many social media platforms such as Websites, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Google Plus in addition to being one of the most innovative and unique control media agencies (publicists).

At Media Handlers, everyone works together to further the publicity needs of every client.
If your in need of an agency that are market leaders in independent digital television services online, we are fast, effective and creative forward thinking professionals who understands that the most primary and compelling source of delivering visual information to the public has increasingly become online broadcasting.
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We encourage building relationships with publicists and management company which will undoubtedly establish a broader consumer base for all.