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In this age of video content online and streaming popular television programs, it might be assumed that as a whole we have abandoned written media. But the reality of it is that as humans we remember about 10% of what we hear, 30% of what we read, and about 80% of what we see. Considering this evidence, it is easy to see why we are such a visually dominated society.

At Media Handlers we like to say, "We speak media" because media is the leading technology that is taking publicity, visual content & television online to a rapid pace into the next evolution of the Internet. We will be your liaison to expanding the vision for your brand.

The first thing to do is select a theme for your video style:

Infomercial: A direct response visual presentation which generally includes a phone number and website generally containing a long-form commercial which is typically between 7 and 15 minutes in length. Infomercials aim towards retail sales, which invite the consumer to call or take other direct action.
Commercial: A conveyed message typically to market and promote a wide variety of goods, services and ideas ranging in length from a few seconds to several minutes.

About Us: A 5 to 7 minute walk though style formatted presentation on your website, which includes imaging from the clients site with voice overs, lower thirds URL listing and other features to take action within the web site.

A day in the life of: A visual produced in a true all about you video, taking viewers virtually into a day in the life of an entrepreneur, entertainment artists, activist, and committee organization which usually can be a few seconds to several minutes in length. This provides an effective way to communicate a variety of messages through video that speaks directly to clients, customers, even employers.

                    The use of digital video online enables stories to not just be told but rather experienced by an audience.

Social media marketing has exploded in the past few years as a way to advertise and drive free traffic. “Social media” is a very broad term that includes sites and services like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, social bookmarking sites like Digg and, YouTube, linked-in and many more.

Banner Ads: You can create the right click through banner ad for your entities website or landing page. Share your message and get noticed today with Media Handlers Online Banner Program.

Digital Television: & are traditional independent television stations broadcasting 24 hours a day online, which air many quality TV shows from independent filmmakers and producers in the television formatted style. This gives our clients the opportunity to have an immediate vehicle for any visual presentation viewing within a show or program break.
(Click through video ads are available, ask for it in consultation)

Some key benefits of web casting through the Media Handlers platform Increased viewership and potential revenue by broadening your audience

• Save money by eliminating many expenses
• Drive traffic to your site and raise the profile of your serves or products visibility
• Create new opportunities for sponsorship with highly measurable metrics
• Build social networks

• Website Design & Development
• Imaging services & Photography
• Video/Audio editing for any Project

Video Listing Page: Need to promote your product or business visual presentation to increase sales and or creating awareness?

Because of analytics, Media handlers understands it’s not always about “how many” for all clients. For most selling a service or product, it will be more about who is interested in the message conveyed.

We all know that visual presentations are the most impactful way to get your name and products known, but you don’t need a gazillion dollars to get your brand out there anymore. With the web, social media, and media handlers you have an immediate, more personal, and cost-effective team of skilled production professionals.

Whether in need of consulting, filming, editing or a fully produced video from start to finish Media Handles can be your liaison to expanding the vision for your brand. Join Our Video Networking Solutions Programs Today

Speak to a live agent call between the hours of 1:00pm to 8:00pm or schedule a free visual presentation consultation today.

There are unlimited and endless numbers of ways a person can promote online. However, consistency, time, creativity, plus SEO (search engine optimization) for video, then integration and/or creation of a social networks platform online is necessary.
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