Dick Woelfle

Dick Woelfle is the creator and founder of Network 125, Channel 125, Hot Radio 125, Revelation 125 and The Network 125 TV and Video Guide. He produced and directed Be Extreme, a weekly TV magazine program that aired for 4 years in New York City and Buffalo. He produced Lite N’ Up, a weekly healthy living radio program that aired on WBEN radio. He frequently has been the guest host on Fix The City on WBNY radio. He produced O’ New York, a Hindi TV pilot that was featured at the 2003 New York Film Festival

Danilo Ignacio is the founder, creator, and executive producer of Channel Live TV,Network125. Danilo also produces directs and edits many of the programs on Network 125 including the Network125 Internet TV and Video Guide. He has hosted numerous shows: A House Is Not Your Home, Live Time, Arts & Culture, and the Network 125 DVD. Danilo is a master choreographer, dancer, singer and television personality who has trained or worked with many major superstars from “Mariah Carey” to “Boyz II Men”. He has hosted a variety of TV shows and clubs in NYC like the famous “Octagoaran Club”, the “Street Funk” TV Show and “C.I.B. in Motion” talk show

Danilo Ignacio

Joshua Sands also known as “Micah Jay” is originally from Miami but grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He is currently a bachelor of advertising major at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Since 2001, his strengths have always been his imagination. He has been influenced by artistic illustrations from film, TV, magazines, websites, and album art. His love for creativity has allowed him to reach his goals in starting his own small graphic design business since high school known as Mosanji Graphics.

He started off designing web layouts and customizing PowerPoint presentations for clients. The previous history that he has gain through the years in video/audio production, graphic design, web design, and photography has structured him to become a dedicated and motivated individual. His specialties included logos, web design, flyer design, business cards, and templates for social network outlets. He worked for clients in the music industry, local businesses, club promotions, and personal inquiries. He strives to achieve the best outcome when working with clients while keeping a respectable and professional relationship making sure he is on top and handling it.

Joshua Sands

The internet has birthed the digital marketing field and has made pin-point accurate target marketing possible. The magic behind the technology allow you to see and measure whether your content was delivered, opened, read, and acted upon. No longer should you have to pour money into a black hole and get no return on your investment (ROI).

Terrence Biggs

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